100% (SVF) Stem Cell Therapy


There are no nerves and blood vessels in the articular cartilage, and thus, self-repair is impossible. Therefore, previously there were no permanent treatments administered in particularly loss of fluid in the joints which enable joint movements. However, today it is possible to treat the joints and surrounding tissues with stem cell therapy.

Stem cells are the main cells located around the vessels in all human tissues. These cells are activated in case of a tissue damage, and while they excrete growth factors requiredfor tissue repair on one hand, they may transform into various tissues such as muscles, bones, articular cartilages and fats required for recovery on the other. They act as a part of body’s response to healing and repair.

Stem cells were attempted to be obtained from bone marrow and blood in the past. However, it is discovered that stem cells are found in the human fatty tissue 50 times more than the bone marrow, and today, it is possible to obtain stem cells in the amount enough to repair joints from 200cc (one water glass) fat.

BThus, it is now possible to treat the joints. The treatment area will be cured at once since the obtained stem cells are capable of transforming into many tissues such as joints, bones, muscles, etc.

Basically there are 2 different types of stem cells used in locomotor system diseases.


1. SVF (stromal vascular fraction) STEM CELL

Stem cell suspension obtained from the fatty tissue is called SVF. It may transform in 200 various tissues of our body thanks to its complex cell union content. SVFstem cells repair all the tissues in the treatment area which require repair by carrying oxygen and nutrients to the injection site.



  • Knee Calcification (Knee Arthrosis)
  • Hip Calcification (HipArthrosis)
  • Ankle Calcification
  • Meniskopatiler,(Menisküs)
  • Knee operations with lingering pain (meniscus, anterior cruciate ligament tears)
  • Sports Injuries
  • Avascular Necrosis of the hip (Femur head destruction)(Femur başı harabiyeti )
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Muscle and Tendon disorders
  • Festering sores (diabetic foot)
  • Aesthetic skin rejuvenation
  • Baldness, hair loss
  • Tooth diseases, etc.

How is SVFStem Cell harvested?

Approximately 200 cc (one full glass) of fat will be collected from abdominal fats under local anesthesia. This fat will be submitted to stem cell laboratory. Your 100% stem cells will be separated. Subsequently, these cells will be injected to the site to be treated (knee joint, hip joint, etc.).

Where and how are SVKSTEM CELLS prepared?

Your fats submitted to the stem cell laboratory in cold chain will be processed and separated by expert biologists and bioengineers using GMP standards (good manufacturing practices).Your SVF stem cells will be subjected to required quality control tests, and subsequently boxed in a sterile manner and delivered to the patient in cold chain. This isolation and quality control procedures shall not be mixed with stem cell harvesting procedures with unknown efficiency, quality, and safety in clinic / hospital environments or using automatic instruments.


Is it possible to cure meniscus rupture, knee and hip calcification, etc. with just stem cell therapy ?

SVFSTEM CELL returns the teared or calcified site to its original state by creating new tissues, and moreover, cures all other damaged tissues in the process.

How long is the recovery time?

Just like in all tissue recovery, the recovery time will be 3-6 months depending on the age and injury of the patien


What is the difference between methods such as PRP-CGFand STEM CELL therapy?

It is possible to say if there are 1-5 stem cells in methods such as PRP-CGF, there will be 200.000 – 500.000 stem cells in SVF stem cell therapy.


Is hospitalization required for SVFSTEM CELL therapy?

Hospitalization is not required for SVFSTEM CELL therapy.Fat collection procedure under local anesthesia takes about half an hour, and you may return to your daily routine afterwards.The collected fats will be transferred to stem cell laboratory in cold chain.Your 100% separated stem cells will return from the laboratory the next day, and injected to the affected site.


Is this an approved type of therapy?

Yes, SVFstem cell therapy is a method approved by both Ministry of Health and FDA (US Food & Drug Administration).


These stem cells may be transferred to a damaged tissue directly from the resident tissue. They repair damages tissues.

In case a tissue is identified as damaged, it will be possible to identify damages in other tissues as well. Mesenchymal stem cell will pass to the other tissue in case of damage in the other tissue.

They start correcting and repairing the damage occurred in many organs. Treatment with mesenchymal stem cells: they excrete soluble factors by means of differentiating in connective tissue origin cells and many different tissue cells and assisting in tissue and organ bonding and tipping the scales in many incidents in its favor providing convenience in gene transfer and offering very high treatment potential in many fields including hereditary disorders.

What are the PROPERTIES of mesenchymal stem cell?

· These stem cells have properties varying for each tissue.

  • They may differentiate to cells such as muscles, fats, bones, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, etc. which are the connective tissue cells from own stem.

· They are differentiated in appearancein lung, stomach and bone tissues. This is due to varying environmental conditions.

· Mesenchymal stem cell not only repairs the damage in the tissue where it is located, but also transfers itself to other damaged tissues and repairs them.

· They may contribute to development and functions of relevant tissue cells since they are connective tissue origin.

· They are capable of differentiating.

· They are capable of bonding with damaged cell.

· They do not stimulate the immune system. Thus, the body accepts them when injected.


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