Hand Rehabilitation

The purpose of hand rehabilitation is to allow the patient to regain lost functions as a result of surgeries performed due to injuries or traumas (such as ruptures of finger, hand arm). Hand therapist must maintain the treatment following the surgery in order for the surgeries to result in success.

If the hand therapist is not involved in the process, the surgery fails and the patient cannot use the operated limb. The hand therapist works the patient up also prior to the surgery depending on the request of the surgeon.

Post-operative exercises for strengthening hand muscles are consciously applied by the hand therapist.

During the post-operative period, the patient is evaluated in terms of scar, tissue oedema and functional disabilities and subjected to a treatment program. The treatments are maintained at intervals depending on the pace of recovery. It is highly important to keep in contact with the surgeon and present feeling evaluations within the follow-up period.

Feeling evaluation test is applied at international standards.

                      Carpal Tunnel                                    Swan Neck Deformity

Hand rehabilitation is also applied for the cases not requiring surgery (i.e. overuse syn
drome observed in musicians).

Splint applications and hand therapy can also ensure rehabilitation in carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingerswan neck deformity and boutonniere deformity observed in housewives and desk job workers.



The patient is subjected to a different exercise program to minimize spasticity and regain hand functions. The patient is ensured to be able to use his/her hand more intensively in daily life  by means of minimizing spasticity both through splint application and special exercise programs required to be adopted in daily life.



In hemiplegic hand syndrome, we allow the patients to regain generally 70% of their functions that can be acquired within the first 1 year depending on the level of problem. Furthermore, we successfully rehabilitate newborns with an innate paralyzed arm…