Non-surgical Cervical Disk Hernia Treatment

Cervical disk hernia is caused by the compression on the spinal cord due to the rise of disk which is required to position between cervical vertebrae towards the ependymal canal from a weak point. During this compression, the disk sometimes is not damaged but it may slide down from the ependymal canal by fracture. You will recover from your pains thanks to the non-surgical cervical disk hernia treatment.

The underlying reasons leading to spinal and cervical disk hernia diseases which can be treated by non-surgical spinal and cervical disk hernia treatments include age-related spine arthritis, traumas (falling, sudden forward and backward neck movements due to an onboard traffic accident) or a desk job with a fixed position.

It may cause neck pain, nape and ear pain, painful muscle spasm on the neck, limitation of movement, tinnitus or shoulder and arm pains.

Cervical disk hernia may lead to numbness in hands and arms, losses of muscle strength and reflex in case of disease progression. Individuals may drop down any objects from their hands due to progressive loss of muscle strength in later phases of the disease. A detailed examination is made to diagnose the patient who will be subjected to non-surgical cervical disk hernia treatment after the medical history is heard. The level of hernia may be predicted through neurological examination with the doubt of cervical disk hernia. The key criterion for the diagnosis of a cervical disk hernia is neck MRI; it clearly reveals the location and stage of cervical disk hernia.

A single stage non-surgical cervical disk hernia treatment involves the application of physiotherapy agents, DRX 9000 system and then high density laser and manual therapy, if required. Following the completion of the treatment, the patient is subjected to a special exercise program which will strengthen the muscles around the neck and minimize the load on cervical vertebrae. Performance of these exercises particularly by patients carrying out desk jobs will enhance the persistency of the treatment.