A feeling of contraction, numbing and pains on legs or muscle weakness are stated to indicate a nerve compression. A description of pain like “I feel pain from my low back to foot” or “I have e feeling of contraction from my upper body to heel” represents sciatica pain.

If this pain aggravates, the individual even may not walk. Sciatica disease is generally accompanied by such nerve compressing disorders as spinal disk hernia, slipped disk, spinal diseases, patella inflammations etc.


Our doctors state that the key in sciatica treatment is to accurately identify the underlying reason of compression on the nerve and ensure complete recovery with the help of an updated treatment program to eliminate compression.



  • Spinal disk hernias
  • Spine arthritis
  • Delivery related vertebra and hip problems
  • Fractures, dislocations and injuries on the lower parts of spine
  • Injection of gout, diabetics and some nerve irritating drugs around the sciatica nerve
  • Damages on hipbone or any organs around this area
  • Spine infections
  • Some internal organ tumours

Greater sciatica nerve comes out of the nerve net in the secretion area and vertically goes down to the back of knee through backside of the hip. It divides into two parts which are namely internal and external sciatica nerves at the back of knee and extends to feet. It functions both as a sensitivity and movement nerve. Sciatica disease can result from inflammation of greater sciatica nerve, arthritis leading to spinal deformity or compression on a nerve or nerve root due to displacement of a vertebra and metabolism related toxic or infectious illnesses. The disease starts with low back pains diffusing to the hip. The pain extends from groin to foot following the backside of leg along the nerve. Under severe conditions, the leg becomes weaker and knee and ankle reflexes reduce. Resting, thermotherapy and physical treatment can be applied. Particularly vitamin B and cortisone containing drugs are administered together with painkillers. The disease is also known as a prison illness.