Stem Cell and Ozone Treatment


STEM SELL (CGF-CD34) + OZONE combination have given perfect results over the last years for the treatment of osteoarthritis and soft tissue diseases (fibromyalgia).

It has been found out that concentrated platelets are highly effective on tissue recovery as evidenced firstly in heart surgeries and then tooth implant treatments.

This method was subsequently improved and a STEM CELL (CGF-CD34 concentrated growth factor) treatment out of an individual’s own blood was developed.


This miraculous treatment method has been used in various fields and great results have been obtained in:

  • Healing meniscus ruptures on joints,
  • Particularly partial recovery and stopping pain in case of knee osteoarthritis,
  • Preparation for joint surgeries,
  • Fibromyalgia disease, relaxation of painful sclerosis and stopping pain,
  • Elimination of wrinkles and brightening the skin when applied as a mixture with creams,
  • Filling and rejuvenation by means of subcutaneous injection,
  • Quick recovery in case of tooth implant treatment,
  • Prevention of hair loss,
  • Acceleration of wound healing process.

The serum, stem cell in trace amounts, oxygen, glucose, growth factor and various repairing agents in the STEM CELL (CGF-CD34) method create all these effects. It is quite safe as it is a natural treatment method without any adverse effect.

Ozone treatment, on the other hand, produces highly successful results in cartilage tissue repair and regeneration. It removes harmful agents deposited on joints and creates a detox effect on the joints. It also starts healing on the joint and ensures rapid recovery. STEM CELL (CGF-CD34) + OZONE treatment is more effective on joints for all these reasons and it leads to a synergic treatment. Feedbacks of our patients are positive.

Joint complaints get over almost completely. The treatment can also be applied in early or late joint damages. Combined treatment of CGF-CD34 + OZONE is applied 3 times with the interval of 20 days and 1 month. Afterwards, single dose can be administered once a year. The application takes approximately half an hour including the blood drawing process.